LTL ETA’s – Nothing is Guaranteed Unless You Pay

LTL shipments are the fastest and most economical way to move a shipment larger than a parcel, but smaller than a truckload consisting of as little as 1 pallet, crate or bundle and as many as 10 standard pallets (L48″ x W40″ x H48″).  The time in which it takes an LTL shipment to make its destination seems to be one of the biggest questions and misunderstood expectations with our customers. So let’s lay it out for you.

  • Your LTL shipment is picked up by the carrier in a city truck, provided it is properly prepared for shipping
  • It is then taken to the origin terminal where it is checked through dimensional scanners for size, weight, density and class
  • The shipment is then loaded onto a Linehaul trailer. A Linehaul trailer is a full semi-trailer. 
  • There, your shipment sits in that trailer with other shipments waiting for that Linehaul trailer to fill. 
  • Once that Linehaul trailer is full, it hits the road. 
  • Depending on the destination, there could be several terminal stops along the way, where shipments, along with yours are unloaded and new shipments are loaded at each terminal stop. This is where delays may occur. If the Linehaul trailer does not fill, then that trailer will sit an extra day until it is full and ready to make the next terminal. 
  • Ultimately, the Linehaul truck arrives at the destination terminal where your shipment is unloaded and then loaded on city trucks once again to be delivered to your destination. 


*CROSS COUNTRY – 7-10 DAYS, and everything in between

What other Factors can Cause Delays?

Weather, traffic, terminal back-ups, breakdowns, holidays and human error can all delay your shipment. If you are going cross country on long distances, the LTL carrier can chose to put your shipment on rail. 

Got a Time Sensitive Delivery?

If your shipment must meet a deadline, then there are guaranteed, express options and you can even overnight by air. These accessorial charges can be arranged with us. 
Though we have focused on what could delay your shipment, it is only in an effort to under-promise and over-deliver. Most LTL carriers, some better than others, are consistent with their estimated time of arrivals, but nothing is guaranteed unless you pay. 
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