Specialty or Over-Dimensional Freight

Do you have a sailboat to move to Hawaii? We are not all so lucky to be in this bind, but some people are and there are many rules to consider when shipping freight of this magnitude.  Perhaps you have a large dozer or heavy piece of farm equipment to move and not quite sure how to get it from the auction to your ranch. Or maybe you are leading a special project requiring several loads for a company move or construction of a new facility.  No matter what your dilemma is, we consider it an opportunity to take care of you by helping you answer the many questions surrounding the logistics of your move. 

  • How will it be loaded and unloaded? 
  • Will it need special permits? 
  • Will it need escorts?
  • Is drayage included in the cost? What is drayage?
  • Can it go by rail, or does it need to move OTR – Over the Road? 
  • Can it go RORO, or is this a crane lift? 
  • Are there customs or border crossing agents needed? 
The good news is we are here to help. Go123 Logistics team members have led many special projects and our capabilities ensure your freight will be handled with care and 

For boats on a trailer, this is considered what we call RORO – or Roll On, Roll Off freight.  If it is a water delivery and not on a trailer, then it will be crane lifted and the client will need to provide a lifting diagram so we can accommodate a quote since the crane will be lifting the boat out of the water and onto the cradle, also provided by the client, along with blocks for support and security. 
For over-dimensional shipments – we are in a whole other world of over-width, over-weight, over-height and over-length permits and each permit cost varies from state to state. Police escorts also charge depending on how many lanes the road has, or if there is a bridge between point A & point B. Also there are tolls to consider along with traffic and border crossings. The client will also need to provide all the necessary paperwork for the customs agents at border crossings.  
Obviously when shipments this large move, time is another consideration. These things take more time to load and offload and the client needs to be aware of the ticktock of the clock.  Some crane rentals are by the hour or by the day, so the team needs to be on point from start to finish, which is just another nuance of our level of assistance here at Go123 Logistics. 
If you happen to be loading & unloading between 2 cities that offer rail service, this can be the most economical way to ship your items – but never the fastest, so make sure you have no time constraints when considering rail as an option.  This service can drop a trailer at your destination and add a fuel surcharge for the drayage – which is the time and miles to and from the ramp at the rail, whether it is going from a business, residence or port. 
Do you have questions about your special project? Need a logistics leader to spearhead an extraordinary shipment? We are here to help. Fill out our quote form now and we will contact you to discuss your needs. 

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